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heroics of a police officer literally in the line of fire. we do need to warn you know the video is quite graphic. [ gunfire ] >> standing only feet away, the detective was shot three times as he traded gun fire with the owner of a marijuana growing house. two bullets hit him in the stomach while another hit his leg. another officer killed the shooter and the detective was one of the officers honored today by president obama at the top cops awards. i'm don lemon you're in the news room. we're going to begin with the hour with the new information
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about the irs. the irsed admitted its's made mistakes. they knew the tea party was being targeted for years. the chief correspondent dana bash is on the phone with us. treating one group differently than another in america. what can you tell us? >> that's disturbing just to start with. what's more disturbing tonight as far as gregs nal investigators feel like they were lied to by senior officials at the irs because we have now confirmed according to a congressional source that the interim report that the irs inspector general is going to put out said that senior officials at the irs knew in june of 2011 that their employees were targeting members or groups that had any suggestion of being tea party groups.
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june of 2011. now that is significant because the commissioner testified before congress in march of 2012 and adamantly denied it. there's a question of whether or not he knew. if he did, then lying to congress in a hearing like that that is a big no-no. sit a crime. if he didn't know, why didn't he know? why was he allowed to come in twont of congress and say something they knew was false. >> number two, cnn just obtained letters that lois learner who was in charge of the tax exempt groups, several letters that he wrote to congress answering their questions as late as last month and a couple of months ago she did not disclose that it is she who knew that her employees were targeting these groups. there are a lot of open questions right now and a lot of people in congress who are not
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happy right now. >> i'm going to ask again dana, the main question, i don't know if that's been answered is why? why? >> you know, according to this woman who did a conference call an friday she insisted it was not political. it was a shot cut by plugging in names like tea party or patriots it was a way to quickly flag these groups. as you can imagine the republican groups and and the aclu they don't buy it aut all. just take a step back, don. you know this. you've been at tar payty rallies. so have i. the whole reason tea party groups exist is because they believe, at least one of the main reasons, that the irs is, you know, too heavy handed. >> smaller government. >> that the tax code is bad that the irs is too heavy handed. the fact that they were targeted. you can't make this up. it's just mind blowing.
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>> okay. more to come on this story. it's developing now. thank you very much. we appreciate it. being called the house of horrors. as it's boarded up today to protect the crime scene inside, we're now learning more about what went on inside this home in cleveland, ohio and what these three victims endured during their decade of captivity. so hard to say that, a decade of calf tifty. ariel castro locked away on suicide prevention watch. as a law enforcement force close to the investigation saying he is confessing to some of the horrific crimes. he's looking to seek the death penalty for the alleged termination of michelle's knight's five pregnancies, pregnancies he lost saf he was starved and beaten by castro. michelle has been just released from the hospital but unlike the
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other two women, well she is not with her family. police are keeping her location under wraps but says she's in a safe place. susan cant yotty joins us live from cleveland. her father reached out, they want to see her. what do you know about the relationship between michelle and her family? it seems to be a tense one. >> well, certainly she has not talked with her mother apparently in years, even before, of course, her captivity, and also has not been in contact as of late with her other relatives aez well. we don't know precisely what is involved in that family dynamic but certainly the family has been public about talking about troubles they have had among themselves over the years. for now, as far as we know, michelle knight has had no personal contact with her family at least since she' been out of the hospital. and the source telling us that's the way she apparently wants it.
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she is somewhere safe an secure and very comfortable al this time. we've learned that a law firm here in cleveland is now going to be representing michelle knight, amanda berry and gina hay sus going to be representing them for free and giving them legal advice. they'll have more to say about that on sunday morning. >> surzen activity at the house. you're standing in front. the fbi has been there all day long. also some demonstrations as bell. >> that's right they've wrapped up the work just a short time ago. they've been here for two days. it's the third house down over my shoulder. that's the crime scene. the fbi and the police wanted to board that up to keep it safe and secured. they've also boarded up the two abandoned houses on this side of that house as well.
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they don't want anyone to interfere with the location. people have been coming from the neighborhood and beyond the neighborhood just to see for themselves what this looked like, to feel a little bit closer to what happened here and to try to understand, including a group of people who are in particular supporters of michelle knight, the oldest of the three women who escaped. one of them explained why they think that the community should get involved, especially when adults go missing. >> yok care if he was 20. i don't care if he was 30 or 50. don't stop looking. i don't care. i don't care. >> reporter: and by the way, don, one of the last things they removed today was what remained of the front door of that house, the crime scene house. and in fact that was the same door that now boarded up from which those three young women escaped beginning with amanda berry. >> thank you very much for that.
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a lot of people say he is a hero. he is the man who helped break down the door of the cleveland house after he heard amanda berry's screams. he joined rock new man on we act radio in washington, d.c. cnn was exclusively invited to join them in the studio. >> they called 911 or say forget it. just take me to the police station. man we got cars on this street. we don't have to call nobody. she was free. all she had to do was get in somebody's car. she stuck around for the police to get there to tell them go in there and get them people. >> so amanda berry is the hero. >> that's the damn celebrity. not me. i just played my position. >> oh my god what a story. >> when gina da hay sus and that michelle girl came out of the
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house, man, listen, it was like the heaven had, for a split second opened up and then god said enough. whew. this has gone on long enough. you weren't supposed to grab no girls. this was a test, fool and you failed it with flying colors. >> how do you describe how you're feeling? >> happy was the first one. she alive. and then look at that one, she alive. but then that goes out of the way because, see, i'm not -- what do you call -- timid. i'm a -- we switched from, boy, that was a good thing to if i get my hands on ariel before the
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police -- kbr. >> you just had some instinct you wanted to take care of some business yourself. >> you wouldn't be interviewing me at least not liar live to live i would have been in the penitentiary. i swrould been the first human on earth that was able to take a person's head off their body and kick it down the street like a soccer ball. >> man oh man what a story. >> in other news, somebody dropped the ball in sharing information between the united states and russia. the issue is that russians knew that tamerlan tsarnaev was more radicalized than the fbi was led to believe. u.s. firnls say they would have take an harder look at tsarnaev before the bombing had they known. this is the place with sar nooi is buried, a muslim similar tear in west virginia. they were taken off guard when they learned he was secretly
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(next stop: financial center) let's get to work. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. the raur for a texas emergency worker says his client has no connection to a deadly explosion at the plant there. he was a paramedic who treated people on the zeen now police have charged him with having what i take to build a pipe bomb. what is he saying, dived. >> reporter: well his attorney says that reed vigorously denies
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the allegations against him. he was in federal court accused of having materials to make a pipe bomb. they found a pipe. they found a powder, they found a fusing with everything you would need to make a pipe bomb. not only does he deny it but they're going to fleed not guilty when they go back into court on wednesday. naturally it was instant. you started seeing possible links. could there be a link between this man an the explosion at the plant in west. they're not going to speculate about that here in texas law enforcement officials are saying there's absolutely no information that would link him to that explosion. and the attorney also putting out in black and white today this prepared statement saying mr. reed had no involvement whatsoever in the explosion at the west, texas fertilizer plant. it goes on to talk about how
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reed was one of the first responders and actually lost people close to him and he's urging people close to him now to not rush to judgment. don. >> so how were police tipped off to him, david? >> according to the court documents, a resident of the area said that they inadvertently received these materials from reed. the circumstances behind that were not spelled out. that's how the authorities were tipped off. they also say in the affidavit that reed himself admitted to possessing these materials. but again, he's saying he's going to vigorously deny and defend himself against the allegations. we'll see what happens in federal court on wednesday when they plan to enter the not guilty plea. >> thank you. appreciate your reporting. >> after a scandalous trip to the u.s. last year, plins hairy is back and cleaning up his image. why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients.
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>> pris harry's visit to the u.s. this week is very different from last year's. that was when naked pictures of the prince embarrassed britain's royal family. this is time he's showing his serious side in washington and in colorado.
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prince harry started the day off at volleyball. he wasn't terrific at it but it was to the pressure of the people he was playing with. these are wounded servicemen and women wounded in the u.s. cocompete in the ware yir' games which is the parra olympics for the wounded servicemen and women. this is the most important part of the tour for prince harry. he had a chance to speak to them and he talked about his deep privilege of being able to serve alongside them in operations in afghanistan. he returned from there earlier in the year. many of the people here would have been wounded when he was there. he lit the flame starting the warrior games and that's what he's goings to be throwing himself into on sunday, getting involved in the cycling, and possibly some american football. we do know he'll be having a go at baseball when hi arrives in new york on tuesday. that will be the next leg of the
4:20 pm
trip. nay so called it an emergency space walk. >> we saw enough indications that they are disconnected. >> the international space station started leeking the flowed that cools the panels which provides the power which runs the orb orbiter. problem fixed. none of the crew was in danger. it's as big as a person an could swim at months at a time in the ocean 0 gathering military secrets. an underwater spy swimming into tech no vegass. >> this jelly fish may not sting you but it could be used in military sting operations. me the 170 pound robotic jelly fish. once it's in water it's buoyant.
4:21 pm
it was created by a team of research and engineering students. it is part of a project funded by the u.s. navy. >> it's got eight arms and a flexible covering to mimic the way a jelly fish swims wnchts we house all of the sensory components. >> the prototype can swim for four hours using a battery but they're looking for other energy sources to make it last longer. >> in the future we're trying to able to leave this robot in the ocean for weeks and months at a time. >> that could be used for military surveillance or cleep up after oil spills or man tore schools of fish. >> they may not be the faster swimmers but you can cover more
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[ male announcer ] advair diskus fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powder. get your first prescription free and save on refills at i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. it started with a 11 call to cleveland police, a woman frantic with fear. what followed would shock the world. >> 911. what's your emergency?
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>> help me. i'm amanda berry. i'm here, i'm free now. >> see, the girl amanda told the police, i ain't just the only one. there's some more girls up in the house. >> i have a female on the phone is says her name is amanda berry, said she had been kidnapped ten years ago. >> very emotional day, especially for amanda berry's family. >> i thought about her every day and i knew she would come. i knew she would come home. >> what an incredible night in cleveland, a night where you can truly believe that miracles really do happen. >> prosecutors announced they're charging ariel castro with four counts of kidnapping, three counts of rape. >> the law allowed calls for the death penalty for those most depraifd criminals who commit
4:26 pm
aggravated murder during the course of a kidnapping. >> we seen this dude every day, i mean every day. >> how long have you lived here. >> a year. i barbecued with this dude. >> it seemed like they look at us like we were looking for attention or something like that. >> the police? >> they didn't seem to give any true desire to the case. >> i'm very confident in the ability of those investigators and those law enforcement officers that they checked every single lead, they followed it up very aggressively. >> my husband and i are in complete disbelief that the friendly, caring, doting man i knew as my daddy was in fact the most evil, vile, demonic criminal that i have met or heard of. >> i just want to say we are so happy to have amanda and her daughter home.
4:27 pm
i want to thank the public and the media for their support. >> here she comes on the other side. >> my first reaction as i saw my daughter, the only thing i did was grab her and hug her. i didn't want to let go. to this moment for me i still feel as if it is a dream. >> i'm don lemon, a cnn special report on the cleveland kidnappings, escape from captivity begins in two and a half minutes. to get "man of steel" advanced screening tickets. [ movie announcer voice ] at walmart. see "man of steel" at your local theater before anyone else. get in line 8 a.m. may 18th at walmart. rated pg-13. dave's always wanted to do when he retires -- keep working, but for himself. so as his financial advisor,
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke.
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this is a cnn special report. e cape from captivity, the cleveland kip nappings. >> good evening. >> tonight a cnn special report, e cape from cleveland captivity.

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